This asian inspired Shirt design is my new favorite!
When I first saw the Rising Hero design the team at INTO THE AM shared with me it was love at first sight. I knew it was my new favorite shirt and expected to wear it a lot. It was exciting to see them integrate designs inspired by Asian culture. It would go perfect with my Bruce Lee hat, the dragon himself. It's one of three new graphic long sleeve designs (Universal Love Glow in the Dark Long Sleeve Men's Tee, Rising Hero Long Sleeve Men's Tee, Extraterrestrial Long Sleeve Men's Tee). A fitted cut for all body types plus a structured collar that is soft-to-the-touch. The sleeves sit close to the arm in a non-restricting type of way. You'll be able to move freely without extra fabric hanging by your side it's 60% Cotton 40% Polyester.​​​​​​​ Another exciting shirt I received was the Galatic Haze design. Learn more in the video above, and make sure to add these graphic tee designs to your collection today!
INTO THE AM's Universal Love, Overgrown graphic tees will turn heads
My introduction to INTO THE AM started with a couple wild designs in their line style. On their site they describe it as, "like tattoos, our team of artists uses the concept of highlights and shadows to create a subject without too much detail but enough to know what you’re looking at." The first I review is actually one of their most popular designs, the Universal Love graphic tee. The second called the Overgrown graphic tee. What really makes them stand out is the print actually glows in the dark after being exposed to light. They're printed on a poly-cotton blend material which is what gives the shirts their buttery soft feeling. It also helps to prevent shrinking and helps the design to last longer! If you're just looking for something a little more simple check out their very comfortable basic tees, too. The best part, they're all very affordable. Learn more in the video above.
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